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Commercial Customers

A Pennsylvania Turnpike Commercial E-ZPass account is available for individuals or companies that have vehicles that are over 15,000 pounds and/or have 10 or more vehicles. Individuals or companies that have tractor trailer(s), RV(s), buses, or fleets of vehicles (any class) would be eligible for this type of account.

The commercial program has prepaid and/or postpaid account options based on eligibility criteria. Prepaid accounts deduct toll charges from an opening balance determined by usage, and replenish automatically via credit card or bank account draft (ACH). Postpaid account holders are billed monthly for their toll usage on the PA Turnpike.
Please refer to the Terms & Conditions before you enroll in the program. If you already have E-ZPass transponders from another State, refer to the Companion (CVO3) and Companion Plus (CVO4) account types which is described in the Information Guide.

Click here to find out more about the E-ZPass program, or here to access your existing account.

There are 2 methods for applying for an E-ZPass Commercial account.

Method 1
You may use this website to apply online. When applying online, your information will be saved electronically. However, for any account with a postpaid element (CVO1 – Prepaid/Postpaid, CVO3 – Companion, CVO4 – Companion Plus), you will still need to print out the 4-6 page application at the end of the process and mail it in along with the other required documents.

In order to complete an online application, you will need to have the following pieces of information:

  • Account contact information (Primary billing and Secondary shipping)
  • PA Sales Tax Exemption # (if applicable)
  • EIN # or Driver’s License #
  • Two forms of Automatic Prepaid Replenishment (ACH and/or credit card(s))
  • Vehicle information including License Plate #
  • Bank account and routing numbers for automatic postpaid ACH (optional)
Method 2
You may print out an empty application package and fill it in at your convenience. All of the necessary forms are available to download below. They will need to be completed in their entirety and mailed in.

Click here for details

Download and Print the Following Forms

(You will need Adobe® Acrobat® Reader to complete this step. You can download the latest version by visiting the Adobe Site.)

* Commercial E-ZPass Application Checklist

Information Packet


(This is only necessary if applying via Method 2.)

CVO Vehicle Reference Code Guide

* Transponder Order & Identification Form

Fee Addendum

Surety Form

Please read through these documents to insure that you have all necessary information to proceed when applying via the web (Method 1).

When you are ready to apply online, please click on the Next button below.
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If you require additional assistance, call 877.736.6727. When prompted, say “Customer Service” then select 1 for E-ZPass and 2 for the Commercial Department (Outside U.S., please call 717.561.1522).

Hours: Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM

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