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Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) - Using MFA is one of the easiest ways to protect your information

The PA Turnpike Commission is implementing a new security feature, Multi-Factor Authentication or MFA, in Spring 2023. Compromised passwords are one of the most common ways that hackers or cyber criminals can get at your data, your identity, or your money. MFA is an additional step taken to verify your identity and is common in most online services as it adds a second method of authentication to protect your personal information.

To prepare for MFA implementation, the PA Turnpike Commission is requiring E-ZPass customers who access their account information online to provide a verified phone number. Collecting this information from our E-ZPass customers PRIOR to implementing MFA will ensure access to your information online will continue without interruption. When MFA is in place, the PA Turnpike will send or provide a code upon login to a verified phone that will allow you to access your E-ZPass account information online.


  • V-tolls occur when your E-ZPass transponder is not read, and the license plate image of the vehicle matches to your E-ZPass account.
  • The most common reason that customers receive v-tolls is due to the transponder not being properly mounted in the vehicle.
  • The v-toll rate for class 1 and 2 vehicles is $10.
  • Starting in August 2022, the PA Turnpike Commission began sending E-ZPass customers a notification when a v-toll posted to your account. These notifications are sent annually when v-tolls post.
  • If it is determined that the v-toll posted is the result of a transponder that needs to be replaced, the PA Turnpike Commission will do the following:
    • Notify you that your transponder needs to be replaced and send you a replacement.
    • Adjust the v-toll charges to reflect the correct toll for your travel.
  • To avoid paying v-toll charges, mount your E-ZPass transponder as required under the terms and conditions indicated in the PA Turnpike E-ZPass agreement. . E-ZPass transponders are manufactured and tested to read 99.5% of the time when properly mounted in the vehicle.
  • E-ZPass customers can request v-toll transactions be adjusted as a one-time courtesy within 90 days.

Things All PA Turnpike E-ZPass Customers Should Know About…

  • E-ZPass Account Information – E-ZPass customers should periodically review their account information to ensure they receive notifications regarding their account timely.
    • Review your account information on a regular basis including your address, phone, vehicles/license plates.
    • Review your payment information and account activity.
    • E-ZPass customers only receive Toll By Plate invoices when their E-ZPass account needs attention.
      • Update your E-ZPass account information and then login to your Toll By Plate invoice.
      • Click on the ‘Pay with E-ZPass Account’ to post the transaction at the E-ZPass toll rate.
  • Vehicles and License Plates - When entering a new license plate via our website, the PA Turnpike requires customers enter the license plate information two times to ensure it is correct.
    • If your E-ZPass transponder is not read, then our system takes a picture of your license plate.
    • When entering your license plate information, do not enter the hyphen. Enter the plate as it appears on your vehicle registration.
    • Customers who enter license plate information incorrectly are responsible for any tolls that post even if the plate you entered is incorrect.
    • The PA Turnpike will not refund toll charges posted for a license plate if the customer entered the license plate number incorrectly and rental vehicle license plates that are not removed from your account after the rental period ends.
    • The PA Turnpike allows customers to enter vehicle information and identify them as rental with the ability to select start and end dates. Remember to update this information if your rental dates change to prevent erroneous toll charges.
    • The PA Toll Pay App uses your device’s technology to easily add vehicles and license plates to your account just by taking a picture of your vehicle’s license plate.
  • PA Toll Pay App – PA Turnpike E-ZPass customers are strongly encouraged to use the PA Toll Pay app to manage your E-ZPass account. The app offers multiple options and features to make managing your account E-Z! Available in the Apple and Google stores!

PA Turnpike would like customers who use the online bill pay service,, to know about possible payment delays. The site lists several U. S. tolling agencies including E ZPass Pennsylvania as providers. However, customers using this service have reported long delays from the time their payments are processed until the funds are received by the PA Turnpike and applied to their E-ZPass accounts and Toll By Plate invoices. The PA Turnpike provides multiple options for customers to make payments and strongly recommends the use of one of our direct payment options to avoid delays in payment processing. For prompt payment processing, please visit for payment options available.

How Not to Use a Transponder

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